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Rusty PanNickels, is a young boy with an immense imagination. He wasn't very keen on being clean, as a result he wakes one morning to a rude surprise. Find out what happens to Rusty in this comical  fairy tale.

By downloading this story to your phone, tablet, PC or other device today you will be helping America’s ToothFairy provide community programs with the comprehensive resources to deliver vital educational, preventive and treatment services to children of the most vulnerable populations.

Many people are not aware or not too concerned about the sad preventable circumstances that are affecting our youth. But there are millions of children suffering from pediatric dental disease, more commonly known as severe tooth decay, in such pain that they are unable to eat, sleep and learn. Left untreated, it has serious consequences including pain, dangerous infections, malnutrition, low self-esteem, sleep deprivation, compromised social development and inhibits a child’s ability to learn and grow. 

We are proud to take part in the ToothFairy Challenge Campaign; America’s Toothfairy is dedicated to eliminating the #1 childhood disease in America and protecting smiles of our most vulnerable children.

Enjoy this story and share with family and friends.  Also please take the time to educate your love ones on this common but serious childhood disease and how its affecting millions of children. 

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